End Poverty!!

Poverty! It blows my mind,

How would you like it you had to move from a war and don’t have enough money to buy another house or if you were living in a car or even on the streets with no were to go. We should all have equal rights to live in a house and not on the streets or in the car. We live in one of the most rich country’s we could spare to get a house for other people we should all have equal rights! It would be so stressful for adults or even new born children sitting on the streets with no food or water starving to death. We could start donating to poverty donations and help people in poverty have a better life.

IPad Art

This is iPad art we insert a photo and do art on yourself on your Ipad. I tried really hard and it took me 2 hours to make I hope youLike it our whole class did iPad art there are so many interesting arts and it is really fun I hope you can do it to one day, our teacher is really good at it and showed me how to do it see ya

3 Weeks!

who would have thought you could fit so much in three weeks!

we learnt about technology and online safety and in math we learnt about decimal points and perimeter we also learnt about narratives in English and we also watched a program called my Place which tells us the history of Australia and what has happened before we were even born. We also learnt about Hass and stolen generation what happened and what was done about such a bad thing that happened before us.